My name is Ed Portis. I am a self-educated photographer, which is a positive way of saying that I lack formal training in either photography or art. I exhibit primarily in Corpus Christi, Texas, although my work has also appeared in a handful of nationally juried exhibitions. I have won a somewhat larger handful of prizes in local competitions, and have had a few solo shows. In sum, I am a nobody in the world of art photography but like to be noticed.

My aesthetic commitments and views on photography as art are explicated in the essay appearing in another page of this website. Given the diversity of my subject matter I am unable to identify myself as this or that kind of photographer. Insofar as there is a theme it is my preoccupation with the illusions that allow us to believe civilized life to be inevitable, permanent, or natural. In my estimate the only inevitable aspect of civilization is the inescapable corrosion of both the cultural usefulness and physical integrity of its material artifacts.